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Anti-Racism Sentencing Reform Act (AB 1509)

Assembly Bill 1509 (Lee) “Anti-Racism Sentencing Reform Act” This bill seeks to eliminate most gun enhancements and significantly reduce all other gun enhancements to 1/2/3 years and provide a pathway for immediate re-sentencing for those currently incarcerated with gun enhancements. Sentence enhancements are costly, ineffective, and are a legacy of the failed tough on crime era. Approximately ~40,000 currently incarcerated folks are serving time for a gun enhancement, of which 89% are people of color.

Co-sponsors of AB 1509 include: Initiate Justice, Re:Store Justice, Silicon Valley De-Bug, and Essie Justice Group.


AB 1509 was held in the Assembly Appropriations committee and did not move forward in 2021.