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Our Monthly Meeting is the first Wednesday of every month and open to the public. Visit to RSVP

The Inside Journal is mailed out four times a year to all our Inside Members.

Institute of Impacted Leaders 2022 Q&A recording

Links to Print for Your Incarcerated Loved Ones

This is an exciting time for Initiate Justice!

7/6/22 – Letter from Taina

7/12/22 – What to Expect From Us

10/1/22- Announcing our new Executive Director

If your incarcerated loved one would like to communicate with us directly about these changes, here are the requested Attn’s.

For messages of goodwill for Taina:

Initiate Justice
Attn: Taina
PO Box 15836

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Letters to ATTN: Taina will not be opened by Initiate Justice staff, so it’s important that they do not include any information that they’re trying to get to us. 

For questions about the transition:

Initiate Justice
Attn: ED
PO Box 15836

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Letters to ATTN:ED will only be responded to if the answer is not included in the upcoming February issue of the Journal.