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Advocacy Committee

Led by Greg and Sarah

The Advocacy Committee supports Initiate Justice policy campaigns while empowering members to be confident and impactful advocates. They organize to help pass and implement the various pieces of legislation IJ is co-sponsoring and/or supporting. Additionally, this year the Advocacy Committee is expanding its scope by creating spaces to equip members to be policy advocates in their everyday lives and engage with the Abolition Movement. Tasks may include but are not limited to: 

  • Writing or signing letters of support/opposition for legislation
  • Organizing or participating in in-district lobby visits
  • Co-organizing or participating in Sacramento lobby days
  • Learning to understand and engage with the legislative process / IJ bills
  • Providing public comment at committee hearings 
  • Mobilizing voters for ballot initiatives 
  • Option of joining various spaces and projects to further learn and engage with policy and the Abolition Movement. Such as Policy Office Hours, Abolition Corner, and workshops 

Upcoming Events

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