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Inside Membership Committee

Led by Crystal and Efraín

The Inside Membership Committee supports communication with and recruitment of Initiate Justice Inside Members, who make up about half of the current California prison population. (You can learn more about our Inside Members here.)

In 2022, the Inside Membership Committee created The ART Gallery to showcase some incarcerated artists and give them the opportunity to contribute to the advocacy work in a way that best suited them. You can see the details of that event here:

This committee helps by: 

  • Adding new names to the Inside Members database
  • Responding to mail from our Inside Members 
  • Organizing and helping to run data entry nights and mail nights
  • Training new Committee Members on how to add names and respond to mail
  • Representing our Inside Members in the creation of The Inside Journal
  • Finding ways to build the political power and advocacy skills of currently incarcerated individuals by providing opportunities to contribute