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Committees are groups of Initiate Justice Members and allies who want to remain active participants in one or more areas of the work we do to end incarceration. Each committee is led by a staff member and all meetings currently take place via zoom. Education for all committee commitments is provided regularly!

Volunteer Committee


This committee will be our “Behind the scenes” committee. Members will have opportunities to learn more about what it takes for IJ to serve our community. In this committee, members will be able to support a variety of projects and tasks like:  

  • Social Media and Policy Efforts
  • Handling mail from incarcerated members
  • Signing up folks inside to receive The Inside Journal
  • Reviewing Curriculum from Inside Organizers 
  • Planning special events
  • Supporting outreach developments 
  • Data Entry 

Community Action Committee


This committee will act as our “Street Team” Committee. Members will have the opportunity to engage in organizing & outreach work that pushes forward the work of IJ. In this committee, members will be able to: 

  • Participate in Policy calls to action
  • Create & Host Fundraisers
  • Attend & support outreach events including presentations, tablings and social media and policy campaigns 
  • Make connections with supporting organizations and other community partners. 

No. Our committee meetings are open to anyone who is interested in supporting the work of that committee!

Committees meet as often as necessary to complete tasks, usually once a month. Both committees have a different special focus and they work together to give advice and help make decisions. The only requirement is to remain engaged with the work, and to be respectful. The primary benefit of committee involvement is the opportunity to be directly involved in the decisions made and the directions set in our work to end incarceration.